Larry and Debby Kline artists and provocateurs – installation, performances, and other works

Tiny Revolutions



We have decided to create an “act of defiance” each day in the form of Tiny Revolutions, very small hand-drawn graphite images ranging in size from ½” x ½” to 2 ½” x 2 ½.”   Their size is dictated by the possibility that a day may come when Americans cannot freely voice dissent.  If this comes to pass, these drawings are small enough to be removed from the frame and carried in a pocket or sewn into clothing, a technique often used by refugees who are forced to conceal their valuable belongings when fleeing.


This is an ongoing project and the drawings cover a wide range of issues that address the political climate and issues of the day such as poverty and racism, women’s and minority rights, psychological and physical violence, and a score of other injustices.  They are both commentaries on the inadequacy of institutions that are charged to help solve these issues as well elevation of the heroes that have helped to bring positive change to the world through social engagement.





































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