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“Project Yourself (personal projection device)”

"Project Yourself (personal projection device)"1email

“Project Yourself (personal projection device),” 2015
Aluminum, steel, Styrofoam, cloth, LED flashlight

Appearing a bit like a large 1950’s ray gun, this device projects images onto the chest of the wearer using only an LED flashlight and handmade slides made of architectural foam.   The wearer becomes the projectionist, screen, image interpreter and discussion catalyst for each changing image.  The device can be manipulated by the wearer to focus the image or create subtle movement within the image by using the wire handles on the sides.  A rather phallic protrusion, this work visually pokes the audience to question if it is a threatening weapon, an alien space gun or something quite innocent.  The first exhibition of this work provoked a security guard to interrogate us as to our intent and to determine if it would be allowed in the building.






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