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Prayer Rug: Be Not Afraid
Prayer Rug: Be Not Afraid

Prayer Rug: Be Not Afraid, 2015 – Ink on Rives BFK paper, 48″ x 96″


Please click on the video below for a narrated tour of “Prayer Rug: Be not Afraid.”



“Prayer Rug: Be not Afraid” is a 4’ x 8’, highly complex and detailed drawing based on facing and overcoming fears. My wife and I draw simultaneously, and in these large drawings, we often begin at opposite sides of the paper, eventually crawling all over each other to see what the other has produced in order to create a response to it. This free-flowing and organically forming game of visual tag carries on until the surface of the paper is covered in a complex web of images. In this case, the drawings depict every sort of natural and man-made disaster that can befall our planet, from storms, volcanoes and tsunami, to nuclear blasts and the Ebola virus. As the earth splits apart, the viewer can be calmed by deciphering the secret message of hope, delivered in binary code near the bottom center of the image. Since there is so much visual information to take in, we created 3.5 minute video showing the piece as a whole, then panning across the drawing, showing the details.


This image was also realized as a Billboard at the corner of 10th and Broadway in downtown San Diego as part of Open Walls Project. Click on the link below to view the billboard via drone flyby:








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