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Be Nice
Be Nice by Larry and Debby Kline

“If Rabbi Hillel could summarize all of Torah while standing on one foot with the admonition “That which is hateful to you do not do to others. The rest is commentary,” then the Klines were nearly equally concise with their summary of the Ten Commandments.” 


- Donald H. Harrison, San Diego Jewish World


The BE NICE project has developed as a response to the controversy surrounding the removal of the ten commandments from the rotunda of the Supreme Court of Montgomery, Alabama in 2004.  The artists intend to seek permission to install an edition of this sculpture in several courthouses around the nation. The pieces will be installed at the discretion of the participating institutions, featuring either the tablets alone or the tablets accompanied by a security camera and a video monitor, a reminder to viewers that they are being watched.


©  Larry and Debby Kline 2004

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