Larry and Debby Kline artists and provocateurs – installation, performances, and other works

“Hang Up and Listen” – Utne Magazine, January/February 2005

“Hang Up and Listen”

January/February 2005

Utne Cover 2005


“In an effort to raise public awareness about the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), artists Larry and Debby Kline placed a series of freestanding fluorescent light bulbs along the power grid in Southern California. According to Orion (Sept./Oct. 2004), ‘the bulbs, whose plasma is excited by the ambient EFMs emanating from high-voltage lines, light up without a direct electrical connection.’ Disturbing stuff, considering that children living in homes with high magnetic fields have a greater risk of developing leukemia. The installation pictured above, located at the entrance to the Chevron Pipe Line Company in Kettleman City, California, is titled Cathedral Gate. Other examples of the Klines’ politically charged conceptual artwork can be seen at”

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