Larry and Debby Kline artists and provocateurs – installation, performances, and other works

DiversionsLA, Excerpt from “Art Blossoms at Loft at Liz’s, Durden and Ray and More,” May 10, 2023.


Excerpt from SPRING HAS SPRUNG – Art Blossoms at Loft at Liz’s, Durden and Ray and More – May 10, 2023

Downtown there’s even more art in bloom. Head
downtown to the Bendix Building for a wide range of
shows on multiple floors. On the 8th, don’t miss the
terrific new group exhibition at Durden and
Ray. Curated by Hagop Najarian and Stephanie
Sherwood, Expansion Joint offers a visually
stimulating, richly entertaining exhibition. Debby and
Larry Kline’ sculptural works appear throughout the
show, both tying the varied images together and
adding notes whimsical and mysterious – perhaps
bunny astronauts or interstellar adventurers, they
“visit” works by Gretchen Batchellar, Carsten Bund,
Kim Garcia, Hagop Najarian, Stephanie Sherwood,
and HK Zamani.

The exhibition as a whole investigates space – both
on Earth and apart from it. Edgy and surreal, witty,
and, well, expansive, the show includes an eight foot
ink drawing (just one panel in a larger piece) by the
Klines, “The Dark Side of the Moon (Phase 3);” as well
as Sherwood’ fascinating abstract-painted discarded
furniture, fusing 3D with 2D work. Similar fusion but
a very different style, Zamani’s mix of dimensions
comes in vivid chromakey blue and black; it’s a slash
of color that commands attention. Bund’s
mesmerizing digital painting; and Najarian’s vivid,
delightful mix of the figurative and abstract, are also
among this show’s thoroughly immersive works. In
short, this is an exhibition that stimulates, amuses,
and, well, expands the viewer’s sense of artistic
consciousness. Don’t miss – the show is only up until
May 21st, and is open on Saturdays 12-6, and by

By Genie Davis, photos by Genie Davis

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