Larry and Debby Kline artists and provocateurs – installation, performances, and other works

“Hang Up and Listen” – Utne Magazine, January/February 2005
"Hang Up and Listen" - Utne Magazine, January/February 2005

“Hang Up and Listen” Utne January/February 2005 BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG TROUBLE: “In an effort to raise public awareness about the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), artists Larry and Debby Kline placed a series of freestanding fluorescent light bulbs along the power grid in Southern California. According to Orion (Sept./Oct. 2004), ‘the bulbs, whose plasma [...]

“Monument Recall” – Camerawork, Fall/Winter 2004
"Monument Recall" - Camerawork, Fall/Winter 2004

“Monument Recall” in Camerawork, Fall/Winter 2004 MONUMENT RECALL “Debby and Larry Kline work conceptually with the themes of spectacle and monument, harnessing invisible forces to create monuments that are both troubling and compelling. The Electric Fields of California are site-specific fluorescent light installations spanning the state of California. The Klines discovered that the ambient electricity [...]

“Unplugged” – Orion Magazine, September/October 2004
"Unplugged" - Orion Magazine, September/October 2004

UNPLUGGED Artists Larry and Debby Kline find themselves “easily agitated” when working beneath powerlines. Their project, The Electric Fields of California, entails installing a series of freestanding, unelectrified outdoor fluorescent light bulbs along portions of California’s power grid from the Mexican border to Sacramento. The Gunk Foundation and the Potrero Nuevo Fund provided partial funding [...]

“Recent Projects” – Public Art Review, Spring-Summer 2003 / Fall-Winter 2003
"Recent Projects" - Public Art Review, Spring-Summer 2003 / Fall-Winter 2003

Public Art Review; Spring-Summer 2003 THE ELECTRIC FIELDS Of CALIFORNIA by Debby and Larry Kline consists of five installations stretching across California from the U.S./Mexico border to Sacramento.   Ambient electrical fields beneath high-voltage power lines illuminate fluorescent bulbs with direct electrical connections.   The work addresses responsible use of electricity.   Each site will be installed for [...]

“Escondido Artists Illuminated by Energy’s Possibilities” – North County Times, Feb. 28, 2002
"Escondido Artists Illuminated by Energy's Possibilities" - North County Times, Feb. 28, 2002

“Escondido Artists Illuminated by Energy’s Possibilities“ by Bill Fark North County Times, February 28, 2002. Light figures prominently in visual art.  Escondidans Debby and Larry Kline create art by using light. Their “The Electric Fields of California” project, which will eventually stretch north through the state from Mexico to Sacramento, is a series of outdoor [...]