Larry and Debby Kline artists and provocateurs – installation, performances, and other works

Brief Bio

Debby and Larry Kline are collaborative artists, whose works have been featured in many solo exhibitions, including Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (San Francisco), California Center for the Arts Museum, La Casa del Tunel Art Center (Tijuana), Southwestern College Art Gallery, Mesa College Art Gallery and Athenaeum Music and Arts Library. Their work was featured in “Nature/Nation,” an international exhibition of environmental artists at Museum on the Seam (Israel), which involved traveling to Jerusalem and creating a 1 ton adobe structure on the roof of the museum. They have participated in The Center for Land Use Interpretation’s residency program and were featured artists at BEYOND the BORDER: International Contemporary Art Fair and Art San Diego 2013 Contemporary Art Fair. Their work has received international acclaim and coverage in both fine arts and mainstream publications. They have also been awarded three grants from The Gunk Foundation, NY, and grants from Potrero Nuevo Fund, San Francisco, and Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles. They were recently awarded the 2013 San Diego Art Prize and Established Artist Grant, which recognizes the work of some of the most accomplished artists in the San Diego region.


“US/Middle East policy, military might makes right, and the health care system as big business are all candidates for brutal scrutiny in this cavalcade of social and political commentary. Adept sculptures. Fascinating use of materials. Provocative gestures.  On the whole, an impressive endeavor.”  –

“The Klines work shines in its use of sly humor as a starting point for a discussion or commentary on the issues of our day.”  –

“The Klines are light-hearted enough to discuss every day ponderings, like the status of their local weather but they eat, breathe, and live for the juicy and uncomfortable realities of our world.” - Creative Little Monsters

“So the Klines can be regarded as political artists, not in the dismal sense of advocating or lamenting one political policy or another, but of outrageously modeling discrepancies in our understandings of political situations. So they are hilarious political artists in the manner of Aristo-phanes rather than Brecht.” - David Antin writing for the 2013 San Diego Art Prize










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